Ode to my eldest daughter

Fridays are typically when I pontificate here on what I learned during the week. What I learned this week is this: My eldest daughter is one of the most kind-hearted, deserving and — most importantly today — resilient women I know.

eldest daughterWhen Brianna was a teen, Jim and I often marvelled at the manner in which she could come under the wrath of her parents — for, like all teens, Brianna certainly did some wrath-invoking acts of idiocy — yet the next day she'd be fine. All was forgotten and forgiven, and she moved on with a cheerful heart.

That attribute, the trait that leads her to continually forgive, forget and move on without grievance or grudge is what has kept her afloat time and again as she makes her way in adulthood.

Since leaving the nest, Brianna has faced challenges unparalleled by those of her younger sisters. Physical, financial, personal, professional. A time or two she's returned home on wounded wing, then flew away again once her wings were repaired, could carry her swiftly, confidently.

father and adult daughters

Troubles and trials — as well as more than her share of unworthy suitors — do their best to knock Brianna down. Yet again and again, she gets back up, smiles between tears, professes her hope for better times and sets about putting plans into place. Her pluck, persistence and continued cheerfulness after tear-jerking surprises flood my heart with pride and admiration for her this week.

Many years ago, when Brianna first moved away from home and into adulthood, she gave me a plaque that still stands on my dresser. It reads:

Mothers and Daughters plaqueOne of

the nicest

things about


Mother and


is that one day

you discover


turned into


I'm deeply honored and forever grateful that this bright and beautiful, kind and caring woman named Brianna — the strong-willed baby we nicknamed Nonner — is not only my daughter but so easily turned into my friend.

She's also my leader when it comes to forgiving, forgetting, moving on. So this week, as I want to trash and bash and flat-out smash another who has hurt my baby girl, I will instead simply wrap up Brianna in love.

Because that is what Brianna would do.

And because at such times, there is little else the mother of an adult child can do.

Today's question:

Who or what touched your heart this past week?