No GRAND Social link party this week? Long story made short

Astute readers of Grandma's Briefs and regular participants in the weekly GRAND Social link party for grandparents may have noticed something amiss this week. That being that there was no GRAND Social link party published on Monday, yesterday, as it has been for a couple years now.

I sincerely apologize for that. It's a long story why the GRAND Social is MIA. But as it's late Monday night and I just returned from the hospital as I write this, I'll make the long story short by simply sharing what I just posted a bit ago on my personal Facebook page. (Plot point: Yesterday was my birthday.)

My long story made short, copied from Facebook:

Colorado sunset

 Facebook long story short

Thank you so much for understanding why there is no GRAND Social link party this week. There will be next week. GRAND Social link party No. 213, in fact. Please do come back and join me then.