No. 3 for No. 3

Today is a special day at my grandsons' house: It's Declan's birthday!

Today my grandson No. 3 celebrates birthday No. 3! Yippee!

three year old boy

My youngest grandson — who's 100-percent boy — continually makes me chuckle with his wacky, wonderful take on the world. A recent example: Declan told me over the phone the other day that he and Mommy were going on a special date that night, just the two of them while big bros Brayden and Camden enjoyed an outing with Dad.

"How special is that!" I said. "A private date for just you and Mommy."

To which he replied with unexpected enthusiasm: "Yeah! A pirate date!" — while Mommy Megan in the background quickly explained to sweet Deckie that no, Gramma said private, not pirate, and no pirates would be joining them.

Photos Megan shared of the private date prove Declan wasn't too heartbroken no pirates participated.

three year old boy eating frozen yogurt

Three's a charm, and my favorite three-year-old possesses the trait in ten times his weight.

brothers in their swimming pool

The same goes for curiousity...

three year old boy with light sword

Plus silliness in spades...

three year old grandson with grandma

Happy birthday, dear Deckie Doo! Oh, how Gramma loves you!

three year old with birthday card

(And oh how thankful Gramma is the simple birthday card with dollars from her and PawDad elicited such joy!)