National Family Caregivers Month: Kudos and resources for those who care

 This sponsored public service announcement on National Family Caregivers Month is in partnership with Midlife Boulevard.

National Family Caregivers Month

The Grandma's Briefs community is filled with compassionate souls who regularly care for loved ones in need, above and beyond the care and love they provide their immediate family. Just off the top of my head, based on comments and emails from readers, I can list many:

• The grandma who, smack dab in the middle of the sandwich generations, cares daily not only for her grandchildren but for her own mother, too.

• The grandma who regularly babysits the numerous grandchildren of several of her adult children... all on different days.

• The many, many grandmothers who have taken in their grandchildren to raise, love and protect after unfortunate circumstances left kiddos without a parent.

• The grandma who cares for her ailing husband around the clock.

• The grandmother who tirelessly cared for her Alzheimer's stricken mother up until the very end, despite Mom often not recognizing her compassionate daughter.

Those are just the few that immediately come to my mind, yet I know there are many other Grandma's Briefs readers who belong to the group of 42 million people in the U.S. caring for an older relative or friend, those who regularly and faithfully put the needs of loved ones well above their own. Often just as that loved one once did for them.


In recognition of National Family Caregivers Month, I offer all who serve as caregiver for loved ones kudos for your dedication, hard work, love and endless care.

And it is hard work. Most caregivers also work and manage their own families around the time they put in caring for a relative or friend. Stretching oneself so thin can be stressful, putting the caregiver at risk of depression and anxiety immunosuppression, cardiovascular disease, premature aging, and other physiological consequences, as well as financial problems. 

Thankfully there is support and helpful resources for caregivers courtesy the AARP Caregiving Council:

Prepare to Care (Caregiving Planning Guide for Families)  

12 Resources Every Caregiver Should Know About

Free eBook: Juggling Work and Caregiving

10 Tips for Caregivers During the Holidays

Caregivers can find many other resources on the AARP Caregiving Council site.

November is National Family Caregivers Month and as the month nears its end, reach out to the caregivers you know to show your appreciation for their selfless dedication. Be sure to pass along these resources to them, as well.

And for those of you who are caregivers, I offer my admiration and thanks for all you do.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Midlife Boulevard to share important public service information about National Family Caregivers Month.

Today's question:

Who are the caregivers for whom you give thanks?