My (uneventful) week in photos

I haven't done much of anything worth writing home about about on my blog this past week. Which, in all honesty, is okay with me. Sometimes busyness and booked calendars are highly overrated (not to mention exhausting).

Even with nothing much on the agenda, though, I did manage to take — and in one case, appropriate from my daughter's Facebook page — photos of the nothing much marking my days. Following are a few such markings from my past week.

bear yard art
A chainsaw-crafted set o' friendly bears a neighbor recently installed in his yard.


dog under blanket
My (spoiled) dog seemed chilly while Jim and I watched television the other night. So I covered the babe... with a kitty cat blankie.


second lost tooth
(The photo I nabbed from Facebook.) Camden showing off the second tooth he yanked out himself lost. His very first lost tooth came out mere days before. The Tooth Fairy best keep cash on hand to cover Cam's unusual money-making method.


smoked sausage and potato soup
A yummy smoked sausage and potato soup I made for a rainy-day dinner. I might post the recipe in my Recipe Box... but took this photo of my next-day lunch serving and wonder if it doesn't seem soupy enough.


squash plants
A photo I sent amazing gardner Brianna to show her how well the two squash plants she gave me as babes are growing. No zucchini or summer squash yet but I foresee good things. I hope.


A dragonfly that surprised me as I took the squash pic. I shared it on Instagram and one woman mentioned that it looks like a sprinter crouched at the starting line. Love tha


pikes peak
Pikes Peak sports its timberline, taken on yesterday's morning walk.

Today's question:

What did you take photos of this week?