My Pinterest: Hands, thumbs, feet

I kind of go through phases with Pinterest. When I spend too much time on there, everything starts to look the same. The recipes. The crafts. The quotes.

I recently returned to perusing the pins, though, after having taken a break of sorts. Not a conscious, intentional fast of any sort. I just have had too much else going on to scroll through the goodies.

But, I am back to visiting Pinterest daily again, most often while watching TV or just before picking up my nightly bedtime story (which is currently The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin, in case you wondered).

Some of my favorite things to find when casually catching up on the pins of my friends and various strangers are crafts that capture the handprints, thumbprints or footprints of little kiddos. I have a board dedicated to those, titled — get this — Hands, thumbs, feet. (I know, I know... I'm quite creative with the board titles.)

hands, thumbs, feet Pinterest board

(Yeah, I do see that one that's in there twice; blame my duplicate pinning on menopausal memory.)

It may seem like I have a bunch of pins on that board, but really, there are just 22 hands, thumbs, feet crafts. I did add another one the other night, and I do believe this is my absolute favorite.

The pin (with the originating website noted at the bottom):

handprint elephant craft 

Adorable, right? Do a kid handprint, add a grandma handprint, and say, "Awwww...!"

There are other awww-worthy hands, thumbs, feet pins on my Hands, thumbs, feet Pinterest board. More of my favorites:

 handprint animals craft

handprint peacock craft

handprint cardinal craft

Annual handprints... at back-to-school time or on birthdays:

annual handprint craft

And parent-child prints (the parent being your child, plus your grandchild):

parent-child handpring craft

If you're in a Pinterest-y sort of mood, you're welcome to click over to my Hands, thumbs, feet board. From there, you can click on the pins for each specific project to take you right to the site that originated the clever craft.

Despite it seeming a fall-back sort of craft for teachers and others, I doubt I'll ever tire of seeing my adorable grandkiddos' handprint, thumbprint and footprint designs. 

Though I'm not so sure Bubby, Mac and Jak and those to come will feel quite the same when Gramma asks them to remove a shoe and dunk a tootsie in paint to mark their entry into high school... or college... or perhaps even before their wedding ceremonies.

But, wow! What great prints those would be, wouldn't you say?

Today's question:

When did you last receive — or create — a hand, thumb or foot picture?