My frustration: 8 things I can't seem to master

I'm pretty good at a few things. I really stink at accomplishing other things, though, things many folks seem to have no problem at all achieving.

Here's my short-list of the latter:

8 things I can't seem to master

irisesNOT one of mine, for mine don't even bud.1. Getting my irises to bloom. I have dozens upon dozens of (what I think are) irises in the back yard. The foliage sprouts from the ground every spring. The healthy green blades grow and grow and grow... then never become anything more than tall green sentinels guarding the rock garden. No blooms, no flowers, ever. They've been that way since we moved into this house. I can't seem to master making them bloom. They're not overcrowded, they're not in shade. They're not going to be allowed to stick around if they don't start doing something soon.

2. Finding the time to play with friends. I'm talking Words with Friends, Candy Crush and any other number of fun things folks play online with faraway friends and family. I've received many invitations, all have been ignored... or flat-out refused. I can't seem to manage my time to allow for play. Not even solo Bejeweled 3 play, and I love Bejeweled.

3. Photographing the moon. We had a fantastic full moon this past week. Despite having a great camera and using the correct settings plus a tri-pod, I still can't seem to master this. My latest effort:

full moon 

4. Pretty summer feet. Soft and silky tootsies elude me. Despite pedicures, pampering creams, powerful pumicing and pretty polishes, my feet never reach soft and silky status. I'll spare you the photo; even at their prettiest, feet photos are funky.

5. Accepting my long-distance grandma status. Mac's birthday is June 1. Bubby's birthday is June 18. A joint party is scheduled for this Saturday. I can't be there, wasn't even invited to be there, as it's just accepted that I can't come. Accepted by everyone but me. I'm especially struggling with this one today.

brothers on trampolineBubby and Mac, jumping on the trampoline in their jammies.

6. Commenting regularly. I try, bloggy friends. I really do try to get around to blogs and comment and let you know I enjoy what you're writing, doing, sharing. I read blogs via Feedly, marking those to comment on as soon as I have time. Then time evaporates. How do those of you who faithfully comment on blogs manage it? I really, really, really want to master this one. I welcome your tips.

7. Redesigning my blog so I have comment threading. Speaking of commenting, I also have good intentions of staying on top of replying to you wonderful folks who comment on my posts. My good intentions are thwarted primarily by no comment threading here on my blog. If I could pop in now and then and reply directly to each comment, I think we'd all be happier. I actually already have a sister site where I intend to move Grandma's Briefs. I have a few posts there, I have few photos there. Most importantly, I have comment threading there. But getting everything else there seems so incredibly daunting that I've not yet managed to wrap my head around it, much less master it.

8. Quitting. Despite my inability so far to master any of the above, I've not yet figured out how to quit trying. So I will keep trying. Chances are I'll eventually master at least a few. Except No. 5, of course, which is one I'm sure I will never master.

Today's question:

What have you not yet mastered but hope to eventually?