Muppets, hot flashes and more: My movie trailer roundup

I am a huge fan of books. I'm fortunate to get a lot of books to review here on Grandma's Briefs — primarily cookbooks and children's books — and I share most of them in the Back Room.

I'm also a huge fan of movies, and I get a lot of press releases — sometimes even full releases — of movies to share with you, too. Back before I chose to take weekends off from blogging, I often shared movie trailers with you in my The Saturday Post posts. Because I've not been posting The Saturday Post posts, though, I have a long list of films I've wanted to share but have not yet gotten around to doing so.

Well today I'm doing so! Today I'm sharing with you some film trailers I recently received, from the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted to the now-available and not-to-be-missed Hot Flash Havoc plus a few in between that you and your family might enjoy, too.

Sit back and enjoy the show(s)!

MUPPETS MOST WANTED (rating TBD, in theaters March 21, 2014):

HOME RUN (rated PG-13, now available on DVD and Blu-ray)

THÉRÈSE (French, limited USA release August 23, 2013)


THOR: THE DARK WORLD (rating TBD, in theaters November 8, 2013)

AUSTENLAND (PG-13, limited release August 16, 2013)

HOT FLASH HAVOC (documentary, available now on DVD and online streaming) — I recently watched this one. It's brilliant, humorous, eye-opening, entertaining and jam-packed with vital information for women and those who love them. Bonus: My #GenFab friend Haralee Weintraub, owner of Haralee Sleepwear, is featured in the film. (Disclosure: I saw this film for free, courtesy the film company, but opinions are my own.)

Click this link to get a 20 percent discount on the streaming version of Hot Flash Havoc courtesy the film makers, making it $3.99 for a seven-day rental — and worth every penny.

Want more trailers? In the Back Room, you'll find trailers for Disney's FROZEN, PLANES, and SAVING MR. BANKS plus Dreamworks' THE FIFTH ESTATE.

Today's question:

What movie did you most recently see, in theaters or at home?