MS and must-see brain matters

As many of you know, I have multiple sclerosis, having been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 1992. I've done fairly well with the condition over the past 26 years, with the help of progressively stronger drugs along the way. In fact, most strangers—and even some folks I do know in person—have no idea I have MS because, for the most part, it doesn't show. It's one of those "invisible" diseases.

My 2015 MRI 

My 2015 MRI 

As such things go over the years, though, some of the effects are becoming less invisible. Especially to me. Especially those darn cognitive effects. And as a writer, my greatest concern—and continual challenge—is the way MS mucks up my thinking, writing, blogging, being witty and wise or, at the very least, worth reading.

So in light of my relatively recent crying and complaining, bitching and bawling, I mean, my increasing distress over my decreasing brain ability, my neurologist referred me to a cognitive therapist. I had my first appointment with her this past Monday—and I loved her. She gets me, gets my concerns, gave me a variety of changes to make and actions to take.

And she introduced me to Daniel Amen. Well, his works, anyway. She suggested I check out some of his research, which led me to the following video. I found it fascinating and absolutely worth sharing with everyone I know. That means YOU... and you and you and you. 

This must-see message (no MS necessary!) is seven years old but I'm willing to bet the research still stands regarding the brain matters discussed. And though it is about 20 minutes long, it's so very worth the time, my friends. It was quite an eye opener for me on the many ways I abuse my noggin, and I hope you find it equally intriguing—and motivating.

Cheers to pampering, protecting, and improving our brains—be they MS-muddled or not!