Moving on

Bubby and Mac—as well as the rest of their family—have vacated the premises and moved on to their new home.

On moving day, Gramma (who is far more sentimental than the rest) just had to get a photo of the boys' last time on their trampoline:

boys on trampoline 

And, of course, I photographed their last movie night in their now "old" house—as they waited for Mommy and Daddy to pick them up as part of the "last load":

movie night 

Bubby, who turned out to be surprisingly not sentimental at all, did painstakingly print out one final chalk message on their patio earlier that day. It read:

Goodbye house. We found a better one.

Bubby obviously did not inherit Gramma's nostalgic tendencies.

Oh, well. Nostalgia and sentimentality are overrated, I suppose.

(Though I do have plenty of pics of the boys jumping on the trampoline in the past, just in case. For my sake, if nothing else.)

Today's question:

When did you last move to a new home? Do you miss the old one?