More than grandkids: What else I found in the desert

When I visit my grandsons in the desert, I take lots and lots of photos of them.

Bubby, Mac, and Jak may be my primary focus, but the flora and fauna of the relatively foreign land in which my grandkiddos live get my camera (iPhone and otherwise) clicking now and again, too.

Here are a few of my non-grandchild shots from my recent desert visit, all taken in my daughter's front and back yards, all things I've never found in my own front or back yards... or anywhere in Colorado, for that matter:

desert flower

desert flower

desert flower

cactus of sorts

desert flower

Of course, when a combo-shot opportunity arises, I'm not one bit averse to capturing both cute kids and captivating color in the very same frame:

toddler and flowering bush 

Same goes for capturing curious boys marveling over a creepy backyard visitor:

three boys and a lizard 

Another thing I've never, ever found in my own yard. Thankfully.

(Though I'd certainly be delighted to find my grandsons in my back yard!)

Today's question:

Which do you most enjoy photographing: people or nature?