Middle child of my middle child

 The Middle Child
Even though you're not the oldest,
or the youngest, you see,
Being in the middle is a really neat place to be!
The middle of a sandwich
is the most important part,
And in the middle of your body,
you will find your heart.
The engine in the middle
is what runs a good machine;
And our family wouldn't be the same
without you in between.

I know labeling children isn't an appropriate thing for grandmothers and others to do. But with a kid such as Mac — the middle child of my middle child — how can I not label him a goofball?

middle child
Posing for Gramma.

middle child
Refusing to pose as anything but a monster. (Or was it a T-Rex?)

Of course, the label little turd comes to my mind — and my mouth — far more often than the label goofball when considering this little turd of a goofball grandchild of mine. I just can't help myself.

And I simply cannot help myself from loving the little nut job exceptionally so, either. (Yeah, nut job fits him equally well, too.)

All I can say is heaven help my middle child with her middle child. Looks like she's in for one heckuva nutty ride.

Today's question:

Which child in your family most often earns the goofball — or little turd — label?