Mac hits the books

Not one to be outdone by his older brother, who entered first grade on Monday, rough-and-tumble* Mac started preschool yesterday.

starting preschool

Looks like Gramma's oldest grandsons are off to a great start to the school year.

(And that her youngest will be getting a little alone time with Mommy!)

*The ouchie on Mac's head? A result of "I was being a ninja" at a weekend party, Mac told me during our post first-day Facetime chat yesterday. When he later had FaceTime with PawDad, he said, "I cracked my head open." Yep, my rough-and-tumble Mac!

Today's question:

Preschool seems more popular than it was back when my girls were little. Did your kids go to preschool? Or directly into kindergarten, as mine did?