Lifesavers, llamas, and the GRAND Social

Happy Monday!

I'm having a lovely time at the Lifesavers Conference, learning lots and getting to know some fellow bloggers. Today is the official Day Two, which means tomorrow I (already!) head home.

Speaking of heading home, I'm interested to see if the outset of my return trip will be punctuated in a manner similar to what I saw when Jim took me to the airport  to depart for the conference.

This is what I saw:

llama in van

Yes, that's a llama. As I mentioned on Facebook, it's a llama sans pajamas, but a llama — in a van — nonetheless.

Yes, things have gotten a little wacky in Colorado of late. But a llama in a van? That's a new one for me, I assure you. I'll keep ya posted on unusual sites I see on my return trip home.

Thank you for visiting today and for joining this week's GRAND Social! Cheers to llamas and to socializing!

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