Laughing Baby... and laughing babies

As a little girl, Megan — my middle daughter and mother to my grandsons — had a baby doll named Laughing Baby. Throughout most of her third year, Megan kept Laughing Baby in her arms or cuddled up close to her wherever she went, whatever she was doing.

toddler and baby doll

Laughing Baby was named such because she laughed and laughed when her belly was pressed. Megan loved to hear Laughing Baby laugh. I did, too. At first. Then Laughing Baby's incessant laughing made me cringe. Especially when she'd let out giggles galore — and scare the <cuss> out of me — when Megan would roll on top of Laughing Baby in her sleep.

So after little Meggie loved and adored Laughing Baby for many months and I no longer loved Laughing Baby at all, I nabbed the doll while Megan slept and removed the magical innards that gave Laughing Baby the ability to let go when her belly was pushed. As Megan was just three years old, it wasn't too hard to convince her that poor Laughing Baby simply lost her voice. Despite Laughing Baby's silence, Megan still loved her so, still took her everywhere she'd go.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and though Laughing Baby now resides in a big Rubbermaid container in my garage, along with artwork and other toys that highlighted Megan's childhood, Megan still loves laughing babies. Her own real, live laughing babies, in particular.

Megan is now on real, live laughing baby No. 3 — aka Jak. Bubby can get Jak laughing like mad, which perfectly pleased my little Meggie so and led to her text the following video of her current laughing baby to me. (Click for videos of Megan's live laughing baby No. 1 (Bubby) and live laughing baby No. 2 (Mac), too, as further proof of Megan's laughing baby love.)

Now, unlike Laughing Baby, that is one laughing baby I will never grow tired of hearing, one I would never consider silencing — even if he let loose with laughter because Mommy rolled on top of him in her sleep. (Which I certainly hope full-grown Megan no longer does to her laughing babies.)

Today's question:

What child's toy have you altered (or got rid of) because it drove you batty?