Jak sports a 'stache

I'm not sure whether to attribute it to his determination to keep up with his two older brothers or to the limited amount of time I've had with Jak in his toddler years compared to how often I saw Bubby and Mac in theirs. But — gee whiz! — it sure seems to me my youngest grandson is maturing So. Much. Faster. than his brothers did.

A recent share from Megan confirms my assertion: The not yet three-year-old already sports a mustache.

toddler mustache with pudding

Okay, okay. You got me. It's obviously not a real mustache Jak's modeling. It's what Mama Megan calls a puddingstache.

Still, there's no question the kid is maturing far too fast.

His pudding-painting mama on the other hand? Well, not so much.

But, truth be told, I consider that a good thing. My daughter's silliness certainly keeps her sons smiling.

And this grandma grinning from 815 miles away.