Impromptu house concert

Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you're listening. Playing the piano allows you to do both at the same time. —Kelsey Grammer

home concert

My Aunt Darlene, an accomplished pianist since a youngster, put on a masterful and uplifting concert for the family after our BBQ on Sunday. (Despite my disgracefully out-of-tune piano.)

The gathering felt fabulously Downton Abbey-ish to me, for some reason. Minus the servants, of course. And the money. And the fancy fashions and painfully polite — yet often amusing — discourse and drama.

We did, though, have our own version of Isis, the Crawley family pooch, in the various dogs — Mickey, Lyla and visiting grand dogs — that wandered in and out of the room now and then, appreciating the hand claps and happy sounds.

I think even the Dowager Countess of Grantham would have been unable to hold back a smile, perhaps even a hand clap or two, if only we had the honor of her presence for the occasion. 

Today's question:

What piano tune never fails to get your toes tapping and hands clapping?