How my grandsons take responsibility

My grandsons, Bubby and Mac — who will be 6 and 3 in June, respectively — are pretty responsible little critters.

They make their own beds...

boy making bed 

And brush their own teeth...

boy brushing teeth

They even take responsibility when hurting one another's feelings and apologize quickly...

brotherly hugs

One day last week, Bubby and Mac were being their regular rambunctious selves at the table and managed to knock over Dad's soda. When Dad told them they had to clean it up, they quickly did.

In their own unique style...

cleaning up spilled soda 

No sense crying over spilled soda for these two. The boys just took responsibility and got right to work — and proved that sometimes tongues work far more efficiently than towels when there's a job to be done.

Today's (semi-related) question:

What is your drink of choice?