Here and now: September 24, 2015

old-time clock and book 

On my mind...

Two things from my morning walk with my dogs yesterday:

1. I've been having issues and fears related to tangles with stray dogs on our walks for several months. The gal who used to be my go-to babysitter for my daughters years ago (then just a young girl herself) recommended I buy HALT, the spray mailmen carry with them. I did, and though I've not used it yet, I feel much safer knowing I have HALT on hand just in case.

2. For a few brief minutes while walking, my feet, legs, mind, and energy level felt normal. Normal! As in no MS at all. It was brief but it was magical, a feeling I'd not had in more than 20 years. Maybe just a fluke, but hopefully a sign of miraculous things to come (or disappear, more accurately).


This past week it's been primarily children's books for review. In particular, these three (review to come):

not about you books 


Last night, Andrea, Jim, and I attended a screening of GOOSEBUMPS, the Jack Black film opening October 16—just in time to scare kiddos throughout the Halloween season.

goosebumps movie poster 

I'll soon share my thoughts on the film in an upcoming Saturday movie review—just in case you're considering taking the grandkids.

Working on...

Keeping my lips zipped. Secrets shall soon be revealed.

Listened to...

A strong, soulful woman! One week ago today, Jim and I finally got to use the Beth Hart concert tickets he gave me in June for my birthday.

It was an amazing evening. Beth Hart and her band (and the opening all-female band whose name I can't recall) exceeded my expectations —and Jim's!—on all counts. Though I do wish she would have played this one, Mama, which is one of my favorites. If you have a mom or are a mom, it may resonate with you, too.

Looking forward to...

(And feeling a bit anxious about) interviewing Jack Black and the rest of the GOOSEBUMPS cast on Monday in Denver. It will be a joint interview with other media folks, but I'd be happy to try to fit in a question or two from you folks. Have any?

The last photo on my phone...

The "holy" pork loin I had for dinner the other night:

cross on pork loin 

That's exactly what it looked like when I pulled it from the broiler, so I naturally had to text a photo to my daughters before cutting into it.

Today's question:

What's up in your here and now?