Here and now: March 26, 2015

Right here, right now, in my world.

here and now 

On my mind... this quote—a daily reminder: "When nothing is sure, everything is possible." Wise words from author Margaret Drabble.


...a handful of fabulous picture books for Easter giving and sharing. (Watch for my roundup on them scheduled for tomorrow.)


Jim and I started watching the Netflix original series called Bloodline last week and are already halfway through. Best series we've watched in a long time.

I know, I know. Seems like all we do is watch television. It's true—on many weeknights, anyway.

Working on...

...eating foods that will increase my white blood cell count. Remember that scary pill I started taking daily last October? It's wreaking havoc on my white blood cell count. So I'm eating more spinach, yogurt, avocados, carrots—and chia seeds, just in case—than ever before in hopes of boosting the darn WBCs.

(Why not just take zinc and Vitamin C? Taking them is "like pouring gasoline on a fire" my neuro says of the effect those two power pills would have on my MS.)

Listening to...

...the flag pole attached to our house outside my study window creaking and squeaking as our windy weather whips Old Glory about.

Looking forward to...

...dinner with great friends Saturday evening, with board games afterward. (And a few drinks, as well.)

The last photo I took...

picture books for Easter

I texted that photo of two of the books I mentioned above to Megan, asking if Jak and Mac already have them. I think they'll make super Easter goodies to send to the boys after I've reviewed them.

Today's question:

What's up in your here and now?