Here and now: July 7, 2016

My world, here and now:

clock and book 

On my mind...

Jim and Jim and Jim. Pretty much all things Jim as he recovers from his foot injury/infection.

We are officially down one week with five more to go in the six-week process of him sleeping in our family room (too many stairs up to our bedroom), me choosing his clothes each day, wrapping his PICC line every morning for his shower, driving him to and from work (where he sits with his leg elevated; walks on crutches when he must) as well as to and from a bazillion doctor and lab appointments, doing all the cooking and cleaning and other household chores.

I'm tired. He's tired, too — of not being able to do anything. He's healing, though, and that's all that matters.


Last week I finished a creepy book Megan and Brianna recommended called The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. I stalled out on the reading when I had 70 pages left because Jim was in the hospital then and I was too scared to read it when alone in our (sometimes creepy) house. If you like scary books, it's a good one!

There Was a Fire Here by Risa Nye

Now I'm reading There Was a Fire Here, a memoir by our fellow grandma — a Grilled Grandma, in fact — Risa Nye. Jim gave me the book for my birthday (straight from my Amazon wishlist). The description:

Less than a month before her 40th birthday, a devastating firestorm destroys Risa Nye’s home and neighborhood in Oakland, California. Already mourning the perceived loss of her youth, she now must face the loss of all tangible reminders of who she was before. There Was a Fire Here is the story of how Nye adjusts to the turning point that will forever mark the “before and after” in her life―and a chronicle of her attempts to honor the lost symbols of her past even as she struggles to create a new home for her family.

Risa is a lovely writer. I highly recommend her book.


Jim and I have recently become fervent fans of the fabulous (and very British) Graham Norton Show on BBC America. I daresay the funny fella is currently our favorite talk show host.

As the show is in its nineteenth season, Norton is clearly good at what he does. And what he does is put celebrities at ease and make them — and the viewers — laugh. Out loud. Often.

Working on...

Speeding up the process of injecting antibiotics into Jim's PICC line each evening... without me having a heart attack because it makes me nervous OR injecting germs (or cat hair) into his vein. The first time took me more than an hour, with about 30 of that the actual IV dripping. We're down to about 40 minutes, with 20-25 of it the IV drip time. I think I'll be pretty darn efficient by the end of the six weeks. I hope.

Looking forward to...

Celebrating my baby girl's birthday on Saturday. Andrea will be, believe it or not, thirty-one years old.

Mother and adult daughter 

Such a lovely, motivated, kind, and funny woman my baby has grown to be!

The last photo I took...

Tuesday. On my deck. It was hot!

temperature gauge

Today's question:

What's going on in your here and now?