Here and now: August 13, 2015

In my world...

baby boomer lifestyle 

On my mind...

The fabulous time I had Tuesday with my friend Ruth from San Diego. She was in Colorado on business but took time out of her busy schedule to spend a day and night with me. In those 24 hours together we:

  • Visited a book store.
  • Walked a labyrinth—my first time.

Colorado Springs Labyrinth

  • Ate gyros at my fave Greek cafe—Ruth's first time actually liking gyros.

Paint Mines 

  • Ate dinner with Jim at The Airplane Restaurant, devouring our meals after a harrowing attempt manning the cockpit.

Airplane Restaurant cockpit 

  • Returned to my house to enjoy a beer on the deck in the dark with Jim and watch the skies for any sign of the Perseid meteor shower. In light of the beer and fun-filled day, though, Ruth and I headed inside and off to our beds long before the slightest shooting star shot across the sky.

Such a beautiful day we had. One that's still on my mind.


A free trial issue of The Week, sent to me in hopes of luring me back as a subscriber. The Week is one of my favorite print magazines, but at $52 a year, it's no longer in the budget.


Jim and I sought a series to watch as we await the August 23 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead. TNT's Proof starring Jennifer Beals was the winner. We're three episodes into it.


Working on...

Getting through all the articles in my "Saved" folder on Facebook. Didn't know you could save articles to read later? Here's how:

Find an article shared by a friend that you want to read but don't have time for at the moment, then click the "save" option in the dropdown menu to the right of your article-sharing friend's name:

save Facebook article

When you have time to read those must-see pieces you've saved, find them in the "Saved" folder on the left side of your Facebook page (you may need to scroll down your page; I've moved mine up to favorites):

Facebook Saved folder

Listening to...

Fans, fans, and more fans. As in blowing fans, not adoring fans. It's hot again in my house with no A/C.

Looking forward to...

A do-nothing weekend. (Other than my occasional Saturday morning gig helping out the church food pantry, that is.)

The last photo taken on my phone...

This one taken by Jim of Ruth and me snuggling up to the, um, well, military mannequin of some sort at The Airplane Restaurant. (At least we hope there was no real man inside that costume!)

The Airplane Restaurant 

Today's question:

What's happening in your here and now?