Here and now: April 16, 2015

Right here, right now, in my world.

here and now 

On my mind...

My grandma bag and what to put in it. Why? Because in exactly one month, Jim and I will be in the desert soaking up the sun and sweet, squishy hugs from Bubby, Mac, and Jak! Hooray, hooray!

I'm on the lookout for some pretty awesome activities, crafts, and games to enjoy with our grandsons. Any suggestions? Do share!


I'm about 30 pages into "The Strangler Vine" by M.J. Carter. Click the book cover below for the synopsis on Goodreads.

the strangler vine


...for hummingbirds outside my dining room sliding door to the deck. Sure, it's early in the season, but last weekend a hummingbird appeared at the door, investigated the red windchime hanging nearby in hopes it might offer some nectar. It didn't, of course, so Jim put out the hummingbird feeder and we've kept an eye out for a return appearance.

Working on...

Building up my blog stats after taking a week off. Crazy how things nosedive so quickly.

Listening to...

Hozier. Quite a bit lately. He's so different, so cool. It added to his cred and made me love him even more when he teamed up with the incredible Annie Lennox for this at the Grammy's:

Looking forward to...

Tonight's Best of the Springs party put on by The Gazette newspaper, wherein readers' choices for best this and that around Colorado Springs are announced. I used to go to the shindig when I worked at The Gazette but hadn't considered going since. Two weeks ago, though, I received this from one of the reporters at The Gazette:

You are invited to Pikes Peak Center at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 16, for The Gazette's Best of the Springs Party. There's a reason you're being invited. No need to RSVP, just come and enjoy and you can bring a guest for sure. The Best of the Springs section will be in the paper the following Sunday.

Was I named "best" at something or another? I have no idea. But I look forward to finding out... tonight!

The last photo I took...

(With my DSLR) We used to see the black squirrels called "Abert's squirrels" all the time when we first moved into our current home in 2007. It's been a few years since we've seen one and we figured our dogs scared them off. But the other day I noticed this little guy roaming the back yard. I hope to see him again—and that he brings his friends and family along with him on the next visit.

abert's squirrel

Today's question:

What's happening in your here and now?