Growing boys

My grandsons continue to grow and mature in ways that continually astonish me. This past week, Megan provided proof of the rapid rate of growth for both Bubby and Mac.

Bubby — who is age 5, remember — made a to-do list of all he hopes to accomplish during his Christmas break from kindergarten:

child's to do list

Translation, per Megan:

1. ride bikes
2. hike
3. do a craft
4. go to the park
5. play date
6. legos
7. movies
8. Skyzone (a trampoline play center)
9. Ice skating
10. Roller skating

The "C B M P" are the initials of those invited to join him, Megan adds.

One clever speller and motivated kindergartner, wouldn't you say?

And then there is Mac, who at 2 1/2 years old can now ride a bike, as shown in this video of his bike ride at the park:


I love that Bubby and Mac are thriving and no longer babies in any way. I must say, though, that it sure is a good thing there is another grandchild on the way as this grandma certainly will be delighted to have a little one filling the grandbaby spot my two grandbigboys have clearly grown out of. 

Today's holiday themed question:

Snowmen or Santas? Which is the dominant theme of the holiday decor at your place?