Grinchy delights for grandsons

My grandsons had their first "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" viewing of the season the other day. 

The live-action version is a holiday favorite in their family, and oh, how it delighted them.

Grinch fans

The delight grew four times in size for Bubby when Megan surprised him with his new Grinch shirt to wear for next week's Grinch Day at school.

Grinch t-shirt surprise

Proof yet again that it's often the little things that bring the biggest delight during the holidays.

(Further proof: How delighted this grandma was by the photos texted to me of the Grinchy moments!)

Today's holiday question:

What kind of Grinch fan are you: Do you favor the original animated special or the live-action film, and why?