Grandsons: Perfect three in perfect three

My middle daughter, Megan, has always been a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to the things that matter most to her.

As a student — from the first day of kindergarten through college graduation — Megan gave 110 percent, perfecting each and every assignment. (Even if that meant staying up until the mid-night hours as not only is she a perfectionist, my middle daughter is a wee bit of a procrastinator, too.)

Once graduated from college and working as a teacher herself — first grade, pre-k, kindergarten at various times — Megan still gave 110 percent. Sometimes even 150 percent. (And sometimes still working into the middle of the night and beyond to get things just right for her students.)

In her role as mother, Megan continues that path of perfection. One prime and perfect example: the timing of the births of her children. Megan and Preston wanted their children spaced by three years, and here's how it has worked out (sometimes not necessarily because of intentionally perfect planning, but perfect just the same):

Bubby was welcomed into the world by one and all... June 18, 2008:

newborn grandson

Three years later, Mac was welcomed into the world by big brother Bubby... June 1, 2011:

newborn grandson

Three years later and any day now — that's any day now! — Jak will be welcomed into the world by big brothers Bubby and Mac.

Three brothers three years apart, almost as near to exactly, as near to perfectly planned as such things can be.

You can't get much more perfect than that!

Three (perfect) cheers for three (perfect) boys born three (perfect) years apart.

Today's question:

What do you consider a perfect span of years between siblings?