Grandma's time warp

T minus six days... and six weeks

In just six days, my grandsons will head off to school. Bubby will start first grade, and Mac will begin attending a bona fide preschool for the first time (two days a week).

Mommy stocked up on new school supplies. The boys have their ever important backpacks at the ready. And a time-for-school package from Gramma and PawDad — with new jammies to encourage a good night's sleep the night before the big first day, plus some other goodies — will arrive at their house tomorrow.

Plus, both Bubby and Mac got their super-cool-time-for-school haircuts yesterday.

cool school haircut

The boys are ready for the school bell!

In addition to school starting soon, Bubby and Mac have another high-profile event to prepare for — and preparing they are.

Both boys have starring roles as ring bearers when Uncle Brandon, Daddy's younger brother, gets married in September. Megan shared with me a glimpse of the sharp-dressed little men as they first tried on their (yet-to-be altered) ring-bearing digs.

ring bearers

Such photos set my heart all aflutter as I consider how quickly my handsome grandsons are growing up. Seems it won't be long before the brothers will pose for a photo just as they are above in celebration of one of their own weddings.

Or so I imagine, in light of the warp speed at which time seems to be moving for this grandma.

Today's question:

What part of grandparenting makes it seem as if time's moving at warp speed for you?