Grandma's secret revealed

boy telling secretI told you not long ago about a group I belong to, a group that has a secret. Today I'll come clean, for I've finally been given permission to do so.

That group I belong to — that one in which all members agreed we'd keep the secret a secret but I'm the only one who didn't tell a single soul — is my immediate family. We were all sworn to secrecy the weekend before Thanksgiving, when Andrea, Brianna, Jim and I were at Chuck E. Cheese's conducting this review.

As Andrea and Brianna stood at the prize counter cashing in the skeeball tickets we'd won as a family, all our cell phones, strewn amongst the remaining pizza on our table, went off at the same time. A group message from Megan — the only family member not in attendance, the only family member living 815 miles away — included the text "Guess what?!?!" plus this photo:

baby ultrasound 

The following screenshot of my phone shows my immediate reply — typed through tears — followed by Jim's.

text message screen shot 

Yes, I learned smack in the center of Chuck E. Cheese's that Grandaby No. 3 is on his or her way.

Now Bubby and Mac will both be big brothers come June 2014. Bubby hopes for a little sister; Mac says he just wants a baby — not a brother, not a sister, just a baby.

That, my friends, is my secret. Which is no longer a secret. And thankfully so, as I'm not sure how much longer I could abide by Megan's request — made for a variety of reasons — to keep the good news within our immediate family until she gave the signal to share.

Congratulations to Megan and Preston and the two big brothers!

And three cheers for three grandbabies for PawDad and me!

Today's question:

How did you break the baby news to your parents? Or how did your child break the news to you?