Grandma's growing weeds

“The strongest and most mysterious weeds often have things to teach us.”
―F.T. McKinstry, Ascarion

My grandsons are growing like weeds! Or so it seems from the photos Megan recently shared.

Their growth and maturity astonishes me. Where, oh, where did these fine young men come from and where did my babies go?

To wit:

baseball brothers

Even Jak—though technically still a baby—blows my mind when I see how quickly the kiddo has become a real live little boy, no longer an itsy bitsy babe.

10 month old

Sheesh! Yes, weeds. The most precious weeds I have ever seen.

I can't wait to pick them (up and hug them) in twenty-two days!

Today's question:

Which of your weeds, er, loved ones most recently astonished you with their growth and maturity?