Grandma's good sports

good sports

Now that Bubby has settled into first grade and Mac into his preschool schedule, Megan has signed up the boys for their fall sports. Bubby will be shooting hoops through September then moving on from basketball to baseball — the real thing, not T-ball, he's proud to say — in October.

Through September, Mac will be splishing and splashing sort of like his little brother as he continues his swimming lessons. And then... Well, then, Mac will join his first soccer team in October. He's never played an organized sport and excitedly awaits getting on the field with his mini teammates.

Thinking about Mac and his enthusiastic athleticism reminded me of the following video I posted a while back. It featured Mac's first athletic achievement, which delighted him — and Gramma — to no end.

I look forward to similar enthusiasm as the former Baby Mac struts his stuff as the current Big Boy Mac on the field come soccer season.

Today's question:

What did you accomplish recently that elicited joy on par with Mac's?