Grandma's all-around good sport

child on park play structureI have a handful of skills that I enjoy sharing with my grandsons, activities I consider myself good at and that I'm happy to encourage them to become good at, too. For them at this age, that's mostly reading, crafting, cooking, playing games plus a few other rather sedate things.

And then there are the skills this not-so-agile grandma isn't so great at that Bubby and Mac — thankfully — learn from others, things they continually improve upon without one smidgen of instruction from me.

I'm talking about sporty skills such as these few perfectly demonstrated here by Bubby.

Things such as hitting the T-ball:

Lefty T-ball hit

Riding a scooter:

boy on scooter

Walking on the balance beam:

boy on park balance beam

And jumping on the trampoline:

Though I stink at baseball, have yet to ride a scooter and never mastered (not even a tad) the balance beam, I was once pretty darn good on the trampoline. Perhaps I'll one day get up the nerve to ask Bubby to reteach me a trampoline trick or two.

Being the all-around good sport that Bubby is, I'm sure he'd be delighted to coach Gramma on similarly active pursuits. (Assuming, that is, he no longer has any recollection whatsoever of Gramma's ill-fated somersault attempt.)

Today's question:

What skill would you like your grandchild(ren) to teach you?