Grandma gets a facelift


The time has come, my friends, for a facelift. Not for me personally, but for Grandma's Briefs.

For myriad reasons, I must move my site to a new platform. Still Squarespace, but a new and improved version of Squarespace. Still Grandma's Briefs, but a new and improved version of Grandma's Briefs — featuring pins that pin, the ability to reply directly to one another's comments, a more appetizing Recipe Box and so much more.

I've been working diligently in the background for a couple weeks now but am officially at the point I must put a pause on the posts published right here so nothing will be lost in the migration to the new spot.

Which means I won't be adding new content until I reveal the transformed Grandma's Briefs. No Saturday movie reviews, no GRAND Social, no new recipes, no blither and blather 'bout my grandboys. That said, you can still access each and every past post while I'm working away behind the scenes. Feel free to peruse and poke about to your heart's content.

My plan is to complete the migration and facelift by October 1. As I am my own webmaster — no designer, coder, commander in chief other than myself — I sincerely appreciate any good luck, prayers, crossed fingers you might send my way. I'll gladly accept any sort of good juju regarding this overwhelming chore, in hopes I don't irrepairably damage Grandma's Briefs and all I've put into it over the past eight-plus years. Thank you!

Stay tuned, my friends. I appreciate your support and look forward to seeing ya on the other side!