Grandbaby ETA draws near

Brianna is officially at 37 weeks and two days today. Yesterday I had the privilege of attending one of her final ultrasound appointments—an exciting opportunity for me, considering my first three grandbabies were born 815 miles away, making this my first such experience.

I got to watch Brianna undergo a neonatal stress test—something she and the technician explained to me is performed only on special moms. Or, as Brianna put it, old moms. (Sheesh. At 36 She knows nothin’ ‘bout old moms, but I’m not gonna argue with a mama who is two weeks from induction date.)

Baby was napping so not much action going on, yet monitors (and the MA) confirmed all was well, no stress concerns to consider.


Best part during that portion of the visit? Hearing my grandson’s heartbeat. I recorded a snippet to share with anyone who would listen, I mean, to share with you.

Next was the ultrasound. I had planned to take pics but was nicely (apologetically) told photographing the process was verboten. So I didn’t.

I did, though, get a photo souvenir of the session. As my grandson was low, low, low and not cooperating with the camera, it’s not the best profile pic ever.

Still, it’ll hold me over til I can hold the camera-shy kiddo—whose current weight runs 7 pounds 1 ounce—in my arms.

Which may be any day now as measurements show my daughter is six days farther along than the calendar suggests.

My grandbaby’s ETA may still be TBD but my excitement and anticipation over this precious, long-awaited bundle has Full. On. Arrived!