Grand news, grand changes

Bubby and Mac ended 2013 in grand fashion.

The day after Christmas, my desert-dwelling grandsons went on a road trip to the beach:

road trip to the beach

Followed by a day at Disneyland:

a day at Disneyland

boys exhausted after Disneyland
(It warms my heart the boys, exhausted after their day at Disneyland, slept with the stuffed animals and blankets PawDad and I had given them.)

And on New Year's Eve, they crossed off yet another item from Bubby's Christmas Break To-Do list — ice skating (which neither boy had ever attempted... and Mac didn't enjoy at all):

first time ice skating 

The activities marked a fitting end to 2013 — the final year my grandsons will be solo siblings. This month Mommy Megan will let the brothers know if it will be a baby brother or a baby sister who will transform their sibling duo into a sibling trio come June.

Grand news of grand changes to come.

Mere days into 2014, it's clear there's a grand year ahead — for us all!

Today's question:

What changes in 2014 do you look forward to?