Grand desert hike

I'm not typically up for going on hikes with my grandsons when I visit their place, though hiking is one of the family's favorite activities. It's usually so stinkin' hot in the desert that heading out for supposed fun in the sun among cactuses is far from my idea of a grand time.

The other day, though, the desert weather was uncharacteristically mild and suited to Gramma's liking, thus perfect for hitting the trails with Mac, Jak, and their mommy.

hiking with grandsons

The hike was rather short due to the rather short legs on the tiniest member of our crew, but it was plenty of time for Mac to find a few special rocks for Gramma to take home to PawDad and for Jak to explore the many (oft-overlooked by folks with longer legs) wonders along the trail.

young boys hiking

Plenty of time, too, for Gramma to get a good taste of what fun hiking in the desert really can be.

Provided the desert weather is uncharacteristically mild and suited to Gramma's liking, that is.

Today's question:

Where do you like to hike — or walk — when the weather suits you?