Gramma's three MVPs

Though it seems a mere 37 seconds ago that fall youth sports ended, the spring season is already well underway.

This go 'round, I have three—count 'em, three—footballers out and about on the field.

Nos. 1 and 2

brayden camden spg 18 flag.jpg

Brayden and Camden, my desert-dwelling grandsons, are playing flag football. Together. On the same team. A team of kiddos Brayden's age, not Cam's. Yet the brothers enjoy being teammates, and Cam's keeping up (for the most part) with the big boys, so why not?

No. 3

james spg 18 football.jpg

Local grandson James is learning to give—and take—the hard hits this time, thoroughly thrilled with his position playing tackle football. 

Three cheers for my three MVPs!

That's three MVPs, for now. I'm bracing myself for what will surely seem just another 37 seconds before youngest grandson Declan is suited up and out on the field too, bringing Gramma's MVP total to four.

Oh my, how the seasons and seconds fly by!