Friday Fun Day: FTW Denver arcade and gastropub

FTW Denver

A self-proclaimed "reimagined arcade" recently opened in Denver, and I was fortunate enough to be on the guest list for the official grand opening of FTW Denver Wednesday night.

FTW stands for "For The Win." FTW Denver, a 15,000-square-foot arcade, is just the third FTW in the country and a heavenly haven for game lovers of all ages.

Imagine this:

There are games, of course.

FTW Denver 

Lots of games.

FTW Denver 

Games you sit on, stand on, feel the bumps and bangs of raceways and super sonic flights on. Most importantly, games you have fun on!

FTW Denver 

The 195 player stations feature reimagined old-time fun such as The World's Largest PacMan, skeeball and basketball free-throw features alongside high-tech newbies beyond the imaginations of long-time, low-tech gamers, including a Sega Showdown four-player demoliton derby played on 80-inch (yes, eighty!) HD screens. FTW Denver also houses Killer Queen, a massive 10-player strategy game of which there are only 22 in the country and just two in Colorado (and that my husband and I could not figure out despite direction from a pre-teen player).

All games require swiping of a FTW card (like a credit card) for game play rather than inserting coins of any sort. All game winnings are tallied on the same card, so no more reams of tickets to count before heading to the prize counter.

Speaking of prizes, the redemption counter of arcades of previous decades has been reimagined here, too. The 850-square-foot The Payoff is a veritable store where gamers can shop for their goods when playtime ends. Large (most coveted) prizes still, like most arcades, require thousands of points/tickets, but there are indeed some minimal-point prizes.

FTW Denver 

And there's food, thanks to the adjacent Lucky Strike bowling alley, which shares its kitchen with FTW. Which means there's plenty of upscale pub-style food and drink to enjoy before, after, or in-between meanderings through the maze of fun and games on the arcade floor — with several spots for sit-down savoring of the gastro goodies.

FTW Denver 


FTW Denver
Atop the Denver Pavilions (third level, next to Lucky Strike)
500 16th Street #340
Denver, CO
FTW Denver on Facebook
(303) 825-0237

FTW Denver is open to all ages — until 10 p.m., when all visitors must be 21 or older.