Four fun, free apps for transforming seasonal snapshots

The merry and bright holiday music makers are right: It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

It's also, for many grandmothers and others, the time of year we take more photos than ever of friends and family who are near and dear and gathered together for holiday happenings. Hundreds and hundreds of photos in the case of some snap-happy family photographers. (Or so I hear. Ahem.)

What to do with all those festive faces and places often kept captive in computers and cameras of smart and sundry sorts once the holidays have come and gone? Here are four of my favorite free apps for transforming at least a few of the seasonal snapshots into delightful — or daffy, depending — remembrances to enjoy year 'round.



Prisma transforms photos into artwork. The countless style options based on famous artists and artistic techniques allow the least artistic among us to quickly, easily, expertly create keepsake photos for saving and sharing.

A few examples of artwork I created in less than five minutes using one photo of Andrea and Matt taken Sunday at our No-Cookie Cookie Swap:


Award-winning Prisma is available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play.



PicMonkey is my go-to photo editor for resizing, tweaking, and watermarking the pictures I post on Grandma's Briefs. The photo program does so much more, though. Some features are free, others require a membership. There's plenty you can do with freebies, though. I like adding funky thingees now and then, such as the elf I added to photo from our swap wherein my mom, my niece, and her boyfriend were captivated by something... that didn't appear in the photo (and that I still have no idea what they were looking at).


PicMonkey also has oodles of overlays and effects to prettify (or mortify with zombie effects) any picture. Proof: Patrick and Brianna all lovey-dovey, courtesy my tweaking:


Visit PicMonkey to see all the photo fun you can have for free.



When it comes to having fun with photos, though, I have the most fun on PhotoFunia. I can't even begin to tell you all the options for creating cool this and that in an instant.

I first used the app for my "blog makeover" announcement. Since then, I've fiddled with assorted sweet and silly stylings such as these fun photos created for this post:

 Shots from  our recent visit with the grandsons  made magazine news!

Shots from our recent visit with the grandsons made magazine news!

 James walks on the moon!

James walks on the moon!

 My mom watches for Santa!

My mom watches for Santa!

 Racecar driver Camden!

Racecar driver Camden!

 Jim and I get cataloged old-school style.

Jim and I get cataloged old-school style.

PhotoFunia creates silly stuff to share on social media and with family. Or to save and print for framing.


Yes, folks do still print and frame photos. Yes, those photos can be printed for free! Really. Join FreePrints and you'll get 85 free 4X6 photos each and every month. That's more than 1,000 a year. You pay only for shipping. (You can also order other sizes for a fee.)


After installing the app on your phone, picking the pics you want printed is easy peasy. You can even select from those on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and more. Shipping is quick and inexpensive (from $1.99 to a max of $9.99, depending). There are specials on shipping from time to time, too. I've printed hundreds and hundreds in the past couple years and can attest to the print and paper quality of the photos.

So, yeah, I'm into old-school printed pics. If you are too, I think you'll appreciate FreePrints as much as I do.

Cheers to festive photo fun this holiday season... and beyond!

(PS: This is not a sponsored post; I just love these apps and wanted to share with my photo-loving friends!)