Forgotten photos: Splash!

I recently purchased an external hard drive on which I can house a big chunk of my photos. I take so many pictures — and have a horrendous time hitting the delete button, even if I have 26 of the same shot — that I came perilously close to crashing my laptop under the weight of the mega megabyte-sized pictures I've been hoarding.

As I went through the pictures folder selecting sub folders of photos to scoot on over to the external drive, I came upon many a picture that I'd either forgotten I'd taken or simply passed by without notice when first uploading them from my camera to my computer. Fabulous things I didn't recall photographing — such as this series of shots of Bubby killing time in July as he waited for Mac to finish up his swim lessons in the adjacent pool so Bubby could start his:

 swimming pool jump

swimming pool jump

swimming pool jump

swimming pool splash

Sure, I take a ridiculous number of photographs. And, sure, my family gives me <cuss> for the continual click, click, click of my camera. (Admittedly, I felt a little silly when the pastor did mention that click, click when baptizing Jak a month or so ago.)

Yet, without such, I'd never stumble across such fun shots as those above.

Gee whiz! Just think of all the other treasures that might await me in my computer's picture folder. And now in my external hard drive, too.

I have a feeling there will be plenty more "forgotten photos" in my future.

(And likely yours, too, dear friends and fans of Grandma's Briefs!)

Today's question:

What takes up the most space on your computer? Photos? Games? Music?