For the grandma in me

Everyone knows grandmas have multiple personalities. Not in a "Sybil" sort of way, just in that we have many facets, many interests, many hats that we wear that make us the grand women that we are. Right?

Well, those varied parts that make up the "Grandma" package mean that loved ones bestowing gifts upon us must take into consideration which personality they hope to delight with a particular present.

For Christmas, I received many a gift that delighted my many parts. I got gifts that appeal to the photographer in me, the coffee lover in me, the homebody in me, the movie lover in me, and much more.

And I received this: A special surprise for the grandma in me — er, the "Gramma" in me, as my adorable grandsons call me.

 grandma apron

As I don't reveal their names online, I had to photoshop bloggy names over the real names of my beloved boys, names Megan had applied so carefully and creatively after each boy had dipped his hand in white paint and placed it upon the black apron. (Megan said it was an especially fun time getting Jak to spread his tiny hand and dip and dot the apron appropriately!)

This was the perfect gift for the grandma in me. One I doubt I'll ever wear, though. I hung it across a trivet that was once Granny's (Jim's mom) just for taking the photo, but I think my Gramma apron just might stay there. So much more than an apron, this gift is a piece of art worthy of display.

At least to the grandma in me.

Today's question:

What holiday gift(s) did you receive that appeal to the grandma in you?