Feels like the first time: The joy of snow

Many Grandma's Briefs readers are experiencing snow fatigue like never before. This one's for you, my frozen friends.

babies and snow

Though I can't make the snow disappear, my hope is that this video from HooplaHa of babies experiencing the very opposite of fatigue with the white stuff—sheer joy in seeing, feeling, tasting snow for the very first time—will warm your hearts just a smidgen, let you see the overabundance of flakes from a different perspective.

Perhaps it might even help you forget the hell of the hills and mounds and piles and pains of all the snow remaining outside your door, if only for a few minutes.

Yeah, right, right?!

I tried... Carry on with your shoveling, my sore-backed buddies. I'll be thinking of you.

Today's question:

How much snow remains in your yard today?