Fearless at 50: AARP spotlights feisty female skateboarders over fifty

skateboard moms

The older I get, the more I consciously strive to engage in experiences that scare me a bit. Just this past weekend, in fact, I climbed to the very top of five lighthouses in Michigan in the face of fears my MS would keep me from going all the way to the light—and back down again—without fumbling, stumbling and falling flat on my face or fanny.

Also over the weekend, I took an aerial flight in an itsy bitsy airplane over Lake Huron despite years of fears based on recurrent nightmares in which I'm in an accident in a vehicle (usually a car, but a plane's close enough) and the wreckage falls into deep water with me inside, struggling to survive.

I strive to become fearless, to not let fear and anxiety stop me from experiencing exhilarating places and spaces and all sorts of good stuff life has to offer. Apparently that's a common theme of folks my age as I recently learned that AARP is launching a Fearless at 50 campaign this week. Fearless at 50 shares true stories of people age 50 and over "who are living boldly in unexpected ways, using their experience to make daring choices, and overcoming obstacles to follow their passions."

skateboard mom

The first story in the series is "Skateboard Mom: And the Sisters of Shred," featuring Barbara Odanaka from Laguna Beach and fellow skaters from Los Angeles, Tamra Bowman, Sandra Serna, and Eva Armanto (mother of pro-skater Lizzie Armanto).

The inspirational mini-documentary of the bold boarders:

Find out more about AARP's new series at http://aarp.org/fearless50.

Note: In case you wondered, this is not a sponsored post. I simply admire the women and AARP series and wanted to share.

Today's question:

In what ways do you strive to be fearless?