Fall visits the desert

My daughter Megan loves living in the desert. The only time she misses the seasons of Colorado is in the fall. Fall simply isn't the same where saguaros grow tall and javelinas roam wild.

Earlier this week Megan texted some pictures to Jim and me. The weather was uncharacteristically fall-like in the desert, she said, so she took Mac and Jak—while Bubby was in school—to play in the park where the neighborhood's lone leaf-changing tree stood.

four-year-old at park

toddler swing

Looks to me like Mac and Jak enjoy the fall weather just as much as their mama.

I think all three—along with their brother, dad, and dog—should reconsider living so far away. Colorado feels much like fall even during the winter, spring, and summer.

If nothing else, it feel like home.

Today's question:

How fall-like is it at your place?