Encourage compassion! Plus, GRAND Social No. 308 link party for grandparents

Encourage compassion!

The egregious lack of compassion on the parts of many—and on so many levels—in our society anymore has become an overriding dark cloud of concern to me. Maybe for you, too. It's so darn heartbreaking and mind boggling for those of us who know we, collectively, are better than the recent devastating actions and events that, fairly or not, have come to define us as a nation.

I want better for my grandchildren, for all grandchildren. You probably do, too. Yet it's hard to know where to start to promote change, how to contribute in ways that help push the societal pendulum in a direction opposite of the increasingly dark and dangerous direction we're currently headed.

We must try, though, must start somehow, somewhere. As grandparents, perhaps even small steps with our grandchildren might make a difference, and I can't think of a better place to begin than by continually promoting and encouraging compassion.

I found the following video a pretty simple, succinct conversation starter for encouraging compassion with grandkids.

In light of the relatively recent focus on bullying, many kids may have heard similar ideas before, yet I believe it can't hurt to repeatedly discuss and encourage such things. Because, sheesh, we just gotta start somewhere.

GRAND Social No. 308 link party for grandparents

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