Easter treats & eats: Inspiration for your spring celebration

Surprise! Easter is right around the corner!

Add some silly to your celebration with these ideas I shared in Easter seasons past:

easter ideas for kids


Easter will be here sooner than we think, meaning now is prime time for memorizing some Easter jokes to share with the kids. Here are 50 to get the ball, er, Easter egg rolling.

Easter jokes for kids

Why did the Easter egg hide?
He was a little chicken.

How does the Easter Bunny travel?
By hare plane.

How do you catch the Easter Bunny?... Click to read the full post.



bird nest cookies

What you need:

• 12-ounce package chow mein noodles

• 12 ounces vanilla candy coating, broken into the pre-cut squares

• 12-ounce package M&Ms (you likely won't use entire package, but that allows for nibbling)

What you do:

Line decorating space with wax paper. Provide each child a dish of eggs... Click to read the full post.



Once upon a time, I was a Girl Scout leader. During the eight years I was privileged to warp shape the minds of little Daisies and Brownies, my troops and I engaged in awesome — and some not-so-awesome — activities. One that I remember each year around Easter is the creating of the cascarones. It was one of the most successful crafts of my tenure.

Cascarones, as I enlightened my followers, are confetti-filled eggshells (cáscaras) broken over the heads of others to bring good luck. It's a popular tradition of the Hispanic culture, often seen at weddings and especially at Easter time.

Cascarones are pretty simple to make. Here are the steps and some photos:

how to make cascarones

1. To hollow out an egg, gently whack the smaller end of a raw egg with a knife to... Click to read the full post.