Easter peeps

These peeps spent Easter Sunday with me. They make my heart sing.

youngest and oldest sistersANDREA and BRIANNAadult sistersMY SISTER DEBBIE and MEhusband and wifePATRICK and BRIANNAadult daughter and her zuchon dogANDREA and LUKE (Matt was in LA)grandparentsMY HUBBY and MEfriendsDON (Debbie's platonic friend) and DEBBIEaunt and sistersMY GIRLIES and MY SISTER

These peeps did NOT spend Easter Sunday with me. But they make my heart sing, too.

grandsons and brothersJAK, BUBBY, and MAC, via long-distance

I'll take a pass on the colorful, sugary Peeps you get at the store. These are the Easter peeps I love so very much more.