Springtime means baseball time once again, and Bubby has been drafted to the big leagues! Well, a league with big guys.

AAA youth baseball player 

My lefty grandson Bubby, who first showed promise on the field back in his T-ball days, was invited to try out for a local AAA league — and made it!

The difference between AA and AAA? I had to ask Megan. "It's a step up from kid pitch for the first time," she explained.

So whereas last season Bubby was batting pitches from kids rather than coaches for the first time — and doing some pitching of his own — in the AA league, the AAA league is apparently kid pitch supersized.

"It's a little cleaner but we're still seeing some wild pitches thrown," Megan said.

The AAA spot is quite an honor for my third-grade grandson. He's one of the youngest on a team that includes sixth graders.

It's still early in the season so Bubby's prime playing position has yet to be determined — he's pitched, played centerfield, and covered second base so far. Regardless of where he ends up, though, I have no doubt my very first grandson will continue to be ah-mazing on the field!

Congrats to Bubby! (Whom I hope I get to see play — or practice, even — when I visit in May... just 10 weeks from now!)