Documenting our outing: Mother, daughter, pink beach cruisers... and a selfie fail

When my daughter and I visited Morro Bay in California a week or so ago, we were treated to two single-speed beach cruisers — pink! — for a bicycle ride around the Embarcadero, to Morro Rock, and along the sandy shores of Morro Strand State Beach. All courtesy Farmer's Kites & Surreys.

The laid-back bikes provided a delightful ride along the beach, with stops here and there to watch otters at play and surfers attempting to master the waves. My daughter led the way on our one-hour wending and winding near the water's edge.

Being a photo fanatic who must document everything, I made Brianna stop to take a selfie with me on our matching pink bikes. Despite several attempts to wrangle our bee-yoo-tiful bikes into view as well as our happy faces, I was unable to capture the moment as I'd hoped.

mother daughter selfie 

A definite selfie fail. At least in terms of showing a mother, a daughter, and our matching pink beach cruisers.

So we resorted to photographing our fun the old-fashioned way: taking turns shooting one another, each with our pretty pink bike.

morro bay bike ride

morro bay bike ride

No proof we hadn't just taken turns posing with the same bicycle. No proof we had enjoyed the moment together.

Oh, well. We have proof in our hearts and memories that we did indeed enjoy the moment together. Tremendously so.

And we have a failed selfie as a souvenir of sorts to boot.


Farmer's Kites & Surreys sign

If you're ever in Morro Bay — and trust me, you gotta go! — visit Farmer's Kites & Surreys (1108 Front Street Morro Bay, CA 93422 phone: 805-772-0113) to rent a peddle-powered mode of transportation for touring the area. They rent cruisers like my daughter and I rode, quad cycles, and surreys by the hour.

Farmer's Kites & Surreys is an Adventure Pass Experience. The Morro Bay Adventure Pass is a three-day pass offering discounts on food, wine, and outdoor activities. The pass costs $30/individual, $60/couple, $90/family and saves money on everything from jerky tastings and ice cream to boat cruises, kayak rentals and more.

Disclosure: We visited Morro Bay courtesy Morro Bay Tourism Bureau.

morro bay tourism logo