Disneyland 1994

Dear readers: "Throwback Thursday" (#TBT) is a popular Internet meme. This is my first time participating... and I just might continue (#TBD).

I recently shared with you photos of my grandsons' visit to Disneyland and the beach with their mom and dad just after Christmas.

The throwback part: Twenty years ago this week, our three daughters made the very same visit with Jim and me, as you can see here (along with my big hair and mom jeans and Jim's mullet).

1994 visit to Disneyland and the beach

I showed the beach photo to Bubby last night during our FaceTime chat. He was proud to note that he was brave and went out much farther into the waves than Mommy, Aunt B and Aunt Andie did.

One thing about our visit in 1994 that was very different from my grandsons' last month: Listening to the radio as we drove home to Colorado, we heard the news of the devastating Northridge earthquake that hit the day after we left our Northridge hotel.

Today's question:

Disneyland, the beach or earthquakes — which have you experienced?