Cookies, a budding photog, and GRAND Social No. 141 link party for grandparents

Cookies and a budding photog

Though I swore I'd use my special apron as art not as a functional coverall for cookie making and more, I couldn't not wear it when making cookies with my boys over the weekend. Here I am with Mac, ready to get baking (the photo courtesy budding photog Bubby, who was delighted to use Gramma's DSLR for the shot):

You can bet it was the cleanest cookie-making session I've ever had with my grandsons, all in hopes of avoiding needing to throw my grandest grandma apron of all into the wash. Allowing Bubby and Mac to do a fair share of the work certainly helped.

GRAND Social No. 141 link party

Cheers to another GRAND Social link party! Share a link or three; read that many and more!

grand social link party

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